Why You Need Us

Our years of experience has proven that most communities are severely under-utilizing their lead management system, but simply don’t know where to start in correcting the problem – it seems justifiably overwhelming and most of all time-consuming.

We have worked extensively and exclusively in Senior Living Marketing sales and automation for over 12 years.  We have worked with over 200 communities during that time and have trained and supported many hundreds of end-users, management, and corporate staff.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your automation goals in the most time-effective and cost-efficient manner.

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We learn the specifics of your community and get to know your staff allowing us to provide superior personalized services.

We become an integrated resource for your community.

Can You Quickly Answer These Questions?

  •  How many new leads were generated last week, month, quarter?
  •  Which advertising sources are working? Which are not?
  •  How much are new leads, deposits and move-in’s costing?
  •  How are your prospects classified (Inactive, Cold, Hot, Lost, etc.)?
  •  How many completed call-outs are being made by each sales counselor?
  •  How many HOT leads is each sales counselor actively working?
  •  How many appointments is each sales counselor doing?
  •  Where are your leads coming from (Zip Code, Etc.)?
  •  Are you collecting demographic information on your prospects?
  •  How many sales are being closed?
  •  Are you on track with your goals?
  •  What are the main objecting from prospects?
  •  How many contacts with active prospects are scheduled for future dates?
  •  How many scheduled contacts are past due?

The above questions are just a sampling of what you should be able to access very quickly if your automation system is doing the job for you. If you can’t put your finger on these answers within minutes then you need to seriously look at system enhancement and/or staff training.

Can you really afford not to?