What Senior Living Professionals Are Saying...

Because Frank has great experience with not only REPS, but senior living sales and marketing, he is able to provide extremely effective sales performance tools for those who are “working the leads”!   The sales team members appreciate having a streamlined process for their individual sale advancement efforts, and I, as a sales manager, find Frank’s in-depth knowledge of database management very helpful.

Lori High Woodward – Former COO– Hamlyn Senior Living – Cherry Hill, NJ 

I have known Frank for over 10 years. Since his first visit to train me and the marketing team  I work with, he has been extremely helpful, insightful, and fully knowledgeable about all aspects of REPS. He was always able to answer any question I had, and explained it in a way that made it easy to understand. I was always confident that when I picked up the phone to call Frank, he would have a solution to my problem.

Sarah Choukalas – Marketing Coordinator – The Terraces – Phoenix, AZ

Frank and I worked together at Greystone Communities.  When I began to do consulting for the senior living industry, I was very fortunate to be able to have Frank work with me on many challenging projects.  His on-site REPS training and IT expertise for the senior living industry is unsurpassed.  As a sales and marketing consultant, this is an integral part of the entire sales process.

Joy Ricci – Marketing & Sales Consultant to the Senior Living Industry – Scottsdale, AZ

I knew Frank when he was a Senior Living Counselor at a community in Las Vegas.  He was such a strong advocate of the REPS lead management system as a user, when the opportunity became available for someone to implement the installation of REPS at all of the communities I was responsible for, Frank was the right person.  Because he saw REPS and lead management from the “users” perspective, he’s been very effective in helping sales people and managers utilize it to their benefit.

Rick Hunsicker – CEO – Hunsicker Consulting/Selling Senior Living – Dallas, TX

I have worked with Frank Birge on 10+ retirement communities and their REPS program.  Frank is, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable REPS professional in the industry – a true REPS “guru!” From conversions to training to reporting – Frank’s work is thorough, timely and cost effective. Every marketing budget should include a monthly retainer for Frank’s services.

Bobby Sumner – Founding Principal, Retirement DYNAMICS, Inc. – Charlotte, NC

In August, 2010 the BHP Services Corporation implemented the REPS Software program.  Frank was referred to us by the Marketing Consultants we were engaged with at that time and since then Frank has remained under retainer with our company.  Frank has been outstanding to work with.  When you have a large company with affiliates spread out it is difficult to manage all the activities, leads, etc. without the help of someone who is fluent with the REPS system.  Frank has been such a valuable partner with the assistance of managing the sales and marketing productivity.

Lisa Sofia – Executive Vice President – BHP Services – Philadelphia, PA

Frank is a genius when it comes to lead management. He single-handedly took twelve communities and restructured, reorganized, cleaned up and standardized their lead bases, then created an enterprise where he could manage them all easily and effectively. We were so fortunate to have his expertise to revolutionize how we tracked and managed leads, in order for us to more effectively monitor our marketing tactics and expenses.

Jackie Stone – VP Sales – Retirement Living Services -Hartford, CT

Frank was a client of ours when he worked for Greystone Communities and Retirement Living Services, and he was the primary liaison between our company and his.  Frank was a tremendous resource for us and for the communities he worked with.  He understands the sales process and how systems and technology can be effectively applied.  More importantly, he has the people skills and communication skills to impart his knowledge.  Frank has played a part in the success of dozens of retirement communities and hundreds of sales counselors from around the country.”

Lance Raab – Former Owner – REPS Software – Tampa, FL

Frank Birge has been like one of our own team members. His expertise and insights into REPS have been a lifesaver for us. As a start-up community – new team, new product – we had a lot to learn and it was important that we start off on the right foot.  The training we received and the day-to-day coaching he provides is invaluable. Often, without our asking, he reviews what we’ve done over the last few days and point out errors or areas in which our sales team can improve. Having Mr. Birge on retainer is critical for us. We could – and often do – call at a moment’s notice and need assistance with a mail merge, a particular unique report/demographic assessment and he is able to give us the data immediately. As we have new people join the team, we are able to set up personalized training sessions which help our new team members become effective right away.

Charlene Nelson – Marketing Director – The Grandview at Benefis – Grand Fork, MT

In order to fully understand and operate REP’s, our clients need training and support by Frank Birge of LeadTech Consulting.  Through Frank’s instruction and clear direction sales counselors and marketing directors fully understand the capacity of REP’s and what is does for sales tracking and sales performance.  Reports become a daily part of confirming current occupancy and looking at future sales.  Frank is the expert in lead management.

Catherine Martin  President – Hamlyn Senior Marketing, LLC

I enjoy working with Frank and LeadTech because he understands all the components of the senior living sales process and is a big picture thinker, but he is able to translate all the elements down to the smallest component of data management.  Also, he is efficient and effective and highly responsive.  I feel confident recommending him to clients and I rely on his expertise.  LeadTech provides high quality, necessary and relevant assistance right where it is needed.

Mary McMullan – President – New Life Management & Development, Inc. – CA & NJ