Sometimes it is just not possible for your team members to make the volume of calls to leads needed for certain projects while continuing to stay on top of their normal daily responsibilities.  It seems those calls to be made are the area that suffers by getting put off.

This is where LeadTech Consulting can help!  We offer expert solutions to this situation without you needing to hire additional full time employees – outsource it to us!

Through our Tele-Connect services, we act as a support system to your current marketing team when you need that extra bit of help now and then. We assist by working your leads while not placing undue strain on your marketing dollars.

Our Tele-Connect professionals are industry knowledgeable and completely trained in all aspects of proper use of the MatrixCare Marketing system.  This means our efforts are thoroughly documented in your system allowing us to provide full reporting directly from the system to show you what has been accomplished on any particular project we are working on.  We feel this is superior to compiled manual reporting.

Tele-Connect Services Offered:

  • Follow-up on Event Invitations to increase event attendance with more RSVP’s
  • Follow-up on direct mail campaigns
  • Clean-up & update your database by making voice-to-voice contact with “stale” leads to re-establish the relationship
  • Internet searches are done for changed addresses, phone numbers, etc. to update your lead records in the system
  • Any type of “calling” needs your marketing team may have – ask us today!

Contact us to find out how our Tele-Connect professionals can help you!