System Auditing

You have your system setup properly. Now what? This an a process – not an event and the process doesn’t stop after initial setup & implementation – this is an investment in the success of your community.

It is imperative that you implement a solid checks and balances system and management needs to validate that their investment is paying off.

Bottom line – is the team meeting goals and is the community getting sales?

Service Audit

If not, what is causing the disconnect and how can it be corrected in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

In our hectic business world, many individuals have more and more tasks assigned to them. Communities are realizing that many aspects of system responsibilities can and should be outsourced vs. having someone in-house add it to their “To-Do” list. Very often they just don’t have the time, and in many cases they don’t possess the knowledge needed and system quality suffers. One of our major involvements with a community is to take the system auditing off someone else’s hands.

We run weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports, analyze the data and advise management of standard procedures which are not being followed. Many of our clients have us on a retainer thus allowing us to continually monitor input and should a situation arise, advise management and work together to implement proper solutions and changes.

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